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FreeBSD kernel exploitation mitigations

In my recent Black Hat Europe 2010 talk I gave an overview of the kernel exploitation prevention mechanisms that exist on FreeBSD. A few people at the conference have subsequently asked me to elaborate on the subject. In this post I will collect all the information from my talk and the various discussions I had in the Black Hat conference hallways.

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Black Hat Europe 2010 update

Black Hat Europe 2010 is now over and after a brief ash cloud caused delay I am back in Greece. It has been a great conference, flawlessly organised and with many outstanding presentations. I would like to thank everyone that attended my presentation but also all the kind people that spoke to me before and afterwards. I hope to meet all of you again at a future event.

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Update on canary randomisation for hardened Linux applications

This article is a followup to our last year’s advisory on canary randomisation for applications of the Debian distribution.

I was recently asked what the currently employed method is for canary randomisation in SSP-armoured Linux applications. I’ve been meaning to write an article on this for some time now, but didn’t have the necessary time. So here it is (albeit a little late).

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