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The road to efficient Android fuzzing

In the aftermath of the recent Android stagefright vulnerabilities, efficient fuzz testing techniques and tools for the Android ecosystem are again in the spotlight. In this post we would like to share some of the fuzz testing experience we have gained through our projects and show how it can be applied in the Android world. Additionally, we’ll enlist some of the public contributions we’ve made to open source tools aiming to help the community focus more on the target and less on the tooling.

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Performing Digital Forensics with Open Source tools

My presentation slides from this year’s FOSSCOMM security sessions are now (also) available here.

The talk, entitled “Performing Digital Forensics with Open Source tools”, described the phases of the digital forensics investigation process and showed how these could be carried out with the aid of open source tools. The Q&A with students, administrators and security engineers in the audience led to a very interesting discussion on best practices for incident response.

All in all the presentation was a great success and I would like to thank both the organizers and the audience for making this such a wonderful event!

Presentation Material

  • Presentation Slides (pdf)

EL/LAK 2011

census will be participating at the ELLAK 2011 conference panel on “Doing business with Open Source Software”. This session will take place on May 21st 2011 at 15:30, at the Ceremony Hall of the National Technological University of Athens.


census is proud to have participated in FOSSCOMM 2011, the annual hellenic conference that brings together Free/OSS communities and developers for a 2-day marathon of talks, workshops and technical discussions!

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Hellenic Air Force Academy free/open source event

census participated in the free/open source event held last month (Friday 23rd of October) at the Hellenic Air Force Academy (Σχολή Ικάρων).

Our talk presented an overview of the available free/open source software that can be used to build complete security solutions for public offices and infrastructure. Furthermore, we analysed recorded cyberwarfare incidents and how the open source model can aid in establishing robust defenses. The slides from our presentation are available here (in Greek).

We would like to cordially thank Professor Antonios Andreatos for inviting us to the event and congratulate him for his organisational efforts.

EL/LAK developer conference update

The slides from our secure programming in C talk at the 4th Greek Free/Open Source Developer Conference are now available here.

Secure programming in C talk at the EL/LAK developer conference

census participated in the 4th Greek Free/Open Source Developer Conference organized by EL/LAK in Athens, Greece on the 19th and 20th of June!

Our talk on Saturday will focus on security issues that manifest during software development using the C programming language. Although there has been extensive coverage of this topic in the past, our presentation will provide an up-to-date analysis of programming bugs that potentially lead to security issues.

During the lunch break on Saturday there will also be a PGP/CACert key signing party. See here for more details (in Greek).

We hope to see you there!

Update: Slides from this talk are available here.