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the company

census is an independent, privately funded company based in Greece dedicated to providing highly specialised and professional IT security services.

census was founded in 2008 by computer security experts with distinguished credentials and extensive prior experience. We are motivated by passion for IT security research and focused determination to help our clients achieve the highest returns from their IT security investment. Our company's independent status allows us to dynamically approach the needs of our clients without compromising our initial vision.

our advantage

The services provided by census are different from the traditional approach to IT security. We recognise that information security threats are constantly evolving. Our specialisation and experience in the field enables us to go beyond the publicly known attack vectors, thus giving our clients the opportunity to be protected from possible future threats to their infrastructure and products.

disclosure policy

census practices responsible disclosure of security vulnerability details. We work closely with affected vendors to ensure that the discovered vulnerabilities have been properly addressed before disclosing any details to the public.

The security of our clients is of primary concern to us. For any vulnerabilities discovered on our clients' infrastructure, we provide assistance so that countermeasures are properly deployed. At census, we treat all client information as highly confidential.

working with census

We are always on the look-out for new partners! Our specialised services can help your business keep up with the diverse security needs of customers, thus enabling you to deliver better services and to a wider audience.

census can provide you with contracted laboratory services for the analysis of software vulnerabilities, malware or forensic evidence. Our lab experts are also available for specialised staff training courses, so that your business keeps up to date with the latest changes in the field of ICT security.

working at census

census provides an exciting work environment for both security researchers and ICT engineers. If you are passionate about computer security, or eager to develop tomorrow's safety-critical infrastructures, contact us today!

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