POSTED BY: CENSUS / 23.05.2017

The Digital Gate program

CENSUS as part of its strategy to promote young entrepreneurship and to support innovative ideas on e-services has joined the Athens International Airport, the Athens University of Economics and Business and the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the DIGITAL GATE program. DIGITAL GATE includes actions that aim at showcasing novel business ideas that will aid airport passengers, will upgrade the AIA airport's services but will also benefit the greater airport community.

CENSUS is providing specialized IT security services to strengthen the educational and support program of "The Digital Gate". With its expertise, CENSUS can help startups of all shapes and sizes make IT Security part of their business strategy and product. By following IT Security best practices and incorporating CENSUS IT security services, a startup can ensure that its value and reliability remain intact, while in the same time gain an extra source of credibility for its investors and customers.