CENSUS provides an exciting work environment for both IT Security Researchers and ICT Engineers. If you are interested in any of the following job positions please send an email to the appropriate address with a short personal statement and a comprehensive CV (in PDF format). It is very important for us to see a detailed list of technical skills (e.g. reverse engineering skills, debugging skills etc.) and past experience in technical or other projects.

Vulnerability Researcher

The researcher will work with our R&D team in vulnerability research projects on mobile platforms. The work will involve the discovery and documentation of software vulnerabilities and the development of proof-of-concept code.


  • Reverse engineering (at least ARM32 and/or ARM64 architectures), and experience with relevant tools (IDA Pro).
  • Experience with debugging (gdb, lldb) on iOS and/or Android (preferably both userland and kernel).
  • Understanding of operating system concepts.
  • Understanding of the iOS and/or Android security model.
  • Understanding of old iOS and/or Android vulnerabilities, how they were exploited, and how they were patched.
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills.

Also, any of the following (not strictly required) skills will be considered a plus:

  • Public record of discovered iOS and/or Android vulnerabilities.
  • Public technical writing and/or presentations on relevant subjects.

Contact Information

Please send your CV and personal statement to cfvr2017a [at]

Application Security Engineer

The security engineer will work on both code auditing and application security testing projects. Projects will include both onsite and remote engagements, so the ability to travel is a must.


  • Previous work experience in software security assessment projects (or holder of an IT Security postgraduate diploma, or related certification)
  • Web Application Security Testing skills
  • Mobile Application Security Testing skills for Android or iOS apps
  • Code Auditing skills for the following programming languages: Java, C/C++
  • Good software security assessment skills (vulnerability identification, documentation, rating and presentation)
  • Basic reverse engineering skills
  • Ability to travel
  • Fluent in English
  • Good communication skills

Contact Information

Please send your CV and personal statement to cfase2017a [at]