POSTED BY: CENSUS / 27.06.2019


CENSUS will be participating in the RECON MONTREAL 2019 conference with a presentation by security researcher Dimitrios Tatsis entitled "Attacking Hexagon: Security Analysis of Qualcomm's aDSP".

In his presentation Dimitrios will provide early results from his research on Qualcomm's aDSP, a digital signal processor that implements the Hexagon architecture. Qualcomm's Hexagon aDSP is included in Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs on many Android flagship devices from various manufacturers. Hexagon is used as an accelerator for tasks related to audio/image processing and machine learning.

The presentation will start with an introduction to the Hexagon ecosystem of components on a typical Android phone scenario. It will then describe the attack surface of the processor and will provide notes regarding fuzz testing the processor-loaded software. The presentation will finally conclude with a summary of findings and possible future directions of research.

More information about the topics discussed in the talk can be found here.