POSTED BY: CENSUS / 15.10.2019

IoT Nuggets - “Cybersecurity in the IoT Ecosystem” Event

On October 10th 2019, CENSUS participated to the "IoT Nuggets - Cybersecurity in the IoT Ecosystem” event held at Savoy hotel in Piraeus Greece, with a presentation by Dimitrios Glynos on the subject of "Identifying IoT Security Vulnerabilities". The presentation was part of an event organized by IDEC for the information dissemination purposes of the European Union ERASMUS+ programmes "InCys" and "IoT Nuggets". A topic central to the theme of the event was that of the education and skills required when tackling cybersecurity issues of IoT technologies.

Dimitrios began the presentation with a brief overview of IoT technologies and the methods that are used for testing the security of such devices. He then described common vulnerabilities identified through product security testing and (infrastructure) penetration testing engagements. The presentation explored some of the tools and skills required to identify such vulnerabilities and concluded on security tips for the introduction of such devices in IT infrastructure.

CENSUS would like to thank the organizers for hosting this event.

The slides from our presentation are now available here.