DTrace talk at CONFidence 2015

Hello, my name is Andrzej Dyjak and I’m part of the research team here at CENSUS. A few weeks ago (on May 26th) I gave a talk titled “DTrace + OS X = Fun” at CONFidence 2015 in which I have described how DTrace can be used in order to ease various tasks within the realm of dynamic analysis on the OS X platform.

IMWC15 — The Mobile Threatscape

The slides from my InfoCom Mobile World Conference 2015 talk entitled “The Mobile Threatscape” are now available here.

Project Heapbleed

I recently presented a talk on heap exploitation abstraction at two conferences, namely ZeroNights 2014 (Moscow, Russia) and BalCCon 2014 (Novi Sad, Serbia). The talk titled “Project Heapbleed”, collected the experience of exploiting allocators in various different target applications and platforms. The talk focused on practical, reusable heap attack primitives that aim to reduce the exploit development time and effort.

Using SystemTap to determine the exploitability of unbound memory overflows

Hello, my name is Nikos Naziridis and I am a security researcher at CENSUS. In this post, I will present how SystemTap and kernel instrumentation in general, could be used to aid the process of determining the exploitability of unbound memory overflows and the detection of thread race condition bugs.