Digi-Mobile 2012

CENSUS will be participating in the “Digi-Mobile” action as a provider for smart phone software and services. If you require a secure remote management solution for your corporate assets or a specialized security intelligence platform that fully utilizes today’s smart-phone/tablet technologies, then contact us today!

Introducing the Parasite - AthCon 2011

CENSUS is happy to be participating for the second time at AthCon, the leading technical IT security conference in Greece! At this year’s conference, our researcher Nikos Tsagkarakis will be presenting the “Parasite”, a small device that is capable of creating a physical backdoor in an otherwise protected network.

EL/LAK 2011

CENSUS will be participating at the ELLAK 2011 conference panel on “Doing business with Open Source Software”. This session will take place on May 21st 2011 at 15:30, at the Ceremony Hall of the National Technological University of Athens.


CENSUS is proud to have participated in FOSSCOMM 2011, the annual hellenic conference that brings together Free/OSS communities and developers for a 2-day marathon of talks, workshops and technical discussions!