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Getting the most out of Evil Twin with wifiphisher — BSides Athens 2016

Hello, this is George Chatzisofroniou (@_sophron), security engineer at CENSUS.

My last year’s talk at BSides London introduced to the public WifiPhisher, a security tool that mounts the Evil Twin attack against Wi-Fi networks.

The tool has since seen some heavy use by the wireless hacking community which has inspired further research into ways of making the Evil Twin attack more effective. This year, I was happy to discuss the results of this research in another BSides event which was held, for the first time, in my hometown — BSides Athens!

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Side Channel Leaks in Mobile Applications — Infocom Mobile World Conference 2016

Hello, my name is Ioannis Stais and I’m a security consultant at CENSUS S.A.

In this year’s Infocom Mobile World Conference I did a short presentation on “Side Channel Leaks in Mobile Applications”.

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6th InfoCom Mobile World Conference

CENSUS was one of the sponsors of the 6th InfoCom Mobile World conference, that was held on April 21st, 2016 at the Divani Caravel hotel in Athens, Greece.

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2nd Enterprise IT Security Conference

CENSUS was one of the sponsors of the 2nd Enterprise IT Security Conference, that was held on March 10th 2016 at the Maroussi Plaza in Athens, Greece.

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Introducing Choronzon: an approach at knowledge-based evolutionary fuzzing

CENSUS researchers Nikolaos Naziridis and Zisis Sialveras have recently presented their research on knowledge-based evolutionary fuzzing, at ZeroNights 2015 in Moscow, Russia. The talk introduced a cross-platform evolutionary fuzzing framework, that will be released as a free and open-source tool.

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Introducing wifiphisher — BSides London 2015

Hello. My name is George Chatzisofroniou (@_sophron) and I work as a security engineer at CENSUS. My current interests include cryptography, WiFi hacking, web security and network security.

This summer I gave a talk at BSides London. The talk was called ‘Introducing wifiphisher, a tool for automated WiFi phishing attacks’ and revolved around my recently published tool.

Wifiphisher is a security tool that mounts phishing attacks against WiFi networks. I released it in early 2015 and since then it became quite popular with a lot of press coverage. Community-driven BSides London seemed to be the perfect choice for introducing the tool and clarifying its purpose.

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OR’LYEH? The Shadow over Firefox (INFILTRATE 2015)

About two months ago (April 15th 2015) I visited Miami and presented at the INFILTRATE Security Conference a talk on Firefox heap exploitation, titled “OR’LYEH? The Shadow over Firefox”. The organization of the conference was flawless and the people I met there were amazing. A special thank you to the Immunity team for being great hosts and for their helpful feedback.

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DTrace talk at CONFidence 2015

Hello, my name is Andrzej Dyjak and I’m part of the research team here at CENSUS.

A few weeks ago (on May 26th) I gave a talk titled “DTrace + OS X = Fun” at CONFidence 2015 in which I have described how DTrace can be used in order to ease various tasks within the realm of dynamic analysis on the OS X platform.

The slides from this talk are now also available here.

5th InfoCom Security Conference

CENSUS was one of the sponsors of the 5th InfoCom Security conference, that was held on April 1st, 2015 at the Divani Caravel hotel in Athens, Greece.

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IMWC15 — The Mobile Threatscape

The slides from my InfoCom Mobile World Conference 2015 talk entitled “The Mobile Threatscape” are now available here.