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POSTED BY: CENSUS / 14.10.2019

ICS/SCADA & IoT Security Testing (ICS-CSR 2019)

CENSUS participated to this year's ICS-CSR conference (6th International Symposium for ICS & SCADA Cyber Security Research 2019) with a short presentation by Dimitrios Glynos and Stergios Kolios on "ICS/SCADA & IoT Security Testing". The session took place on September 12th 2019 and was part of an ENISA (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity) panel on Challenges and Future Critical Infrastructure.

POSTED BY: Ioannis Stais / 31.05.2019

Hitting the Gym: The Anatomy of a Killer Workout (TROOPERS 2019)

On March 18th 2019 myself and Dimitrios Valsamaras delivered a presentation on cybersecurity vulnerabilities of "smart" fitness equipment, entitled "Hitting the Gym: The Anatomy of a Killer Workout" at the TROOPERS 2019 conference (NGI track).

POSTED BY: CENSUS / 24.11.2016

2nd ENISA eHealth Cyber Security workshop

CENSUS director of Product Security Services, Dr. Dimitrios Glynos gave a presentation on the topic of "Medical Device Security" at the "2nd ENISA eHealth Cyber Security" workshop held in Vienna, Austria on November 23rd 2016. ENISA is the European Union's Agency for Network and Information Security. Along with the workshop, ENISA published on the same month the "Smart Hospitals - Security and Resilience for Smart Health Service and Infrastructures" study.

POSTED BY: CENSUS / 27.10.2016

e-Health Forum 2016 - Medical Device Security

CENSUS participated in the e-Health Forum 2016 conference with a short presentation on "Medical Device Security". Our Director of Code Auditing services Dimitrios Glynos gave an introduction to the cyber security issues raised by today's "smart" medical devices and related technologies, with a focus on device and setup vulnerabilities.