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POSTED BY: Sofia Tsagiopoulou / 22.09.2021

International Cyber Expo 2021

CENSUS will be an exhibitor at International Cyber Expo, that will take place at Olympia London on 28-29 September 2021. We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth B71.

POSTED BY: CENSUS / 22.07.2020

OffensiveCon 2020

CENSUS participated at the OffensiveCon 2020 conference with a presentation by computer security researcher Aris Thallas on "Emulating Hypervisors: a Samsung RKP case study".

POSTED BY: George Chatzisofroniou / 01.02.2018

The Known Beacons Attack (34th Chaos Communication Congress)

The recent key reinstallation attacks (KRACK) against the WPA2 protocol revealed how an adversary can easily eavesdrop, and in some cases tamper, a Wi-Fi connection secured by the WPA2 protocol. At the same time, Wi-Fi automatic association attacks achieve a similar result (man-in-the-middle position) not by attacking the WPA2 protocol directly but by enforcing Wi-Fi clients to join a rogue Access Point.

POSTED BY: Patroklos Argyroudis / 22.08.2017

shadow v2 public release

About four months ago (April 2017), Vasilis Tsaousoglou and myself presented our work on exploiting Android's libc allocator at the 2017 INFILTRATE conference (Miami, Florida). Since version 5.0, Android has adopted the jemalloc allocator as its default libc malloc(3) implementation. For our talk we extended our previously released jemalloc heap exploration and exploitation tool called 'shadow' to support Android (both ARM32 and ARM64), and demonstrated its use on understanding the impact of libc heap corruption vulnerabilities. We also presented new jemalloc/Android-specific exploitation techniques for double free and arbitrary free vulnerabilities.